AI Tools for Professionals

AI Tools for Professionals

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1 Introduction

There are countless AI tools and more are being published each day. This paper aims to offer an overview of such tools, but it is practically impossible to be complete or up to date. Accordingly, the aim is to sketch the landscape of readily available AI tools, and to offer a handful of examples in each area (not all of which we have tried).

1.1 Brief Introduction to Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) refers to computer systems that can perform tasks that traditionally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, language processing, or decision-making. Although research into AI started in the 1950's, advances in computing power allowed for significant advances in the last decade or so.

Approaches to AI include symbolic AI (e.g. Expert systems) or evolutionary programming (mostly applied towards optimization), but lately Machine Learning (ML) is dominant. ML involves "training" computer models on large amounts of data so they can make predictions based on patterns. A common type of ML model is a neural network, which is inspired by the human brain. Deep learning considers a class of multiple layered neural network models. Two major areas of AI that use deep learning are natural language processing (NLP) and sensory perception.

  • NLP focuses on processing human language, for example translating between languages or answering questions. Large language models (LLMs) like GPT-3 are NLP models trained on massive collections of texts.
  • Sensory perception deals with analyzing visual, auditive, or other sensory data to arrive at higher-level insights and predictions. This includes human senses (e.g., computer vision), but also non-human senses (interpretation of MRI scans or wifi signals).

Broadly, AI is applied in the following contexts:

  • Robotics and computer vision (e.g. self-driving cars, manufacturing, healthcare diagnostics)
  • Business & Enterprise (e.g. chatbots, predictive analytics)
  • Professional support (e.g. ChatGPT, Midjourney)

Many domains are impacted significantly by AI. To mention a few: healthcare (e.g. diagnosis & treatment planning), cybersecurity (threat detection, network security), manufacturing industries, both in products and in processes (transportation and automation), agriculture (crop monitoring, predictive analytics), media (AI-created content). This paper focuses on the second and third category. We consider tools that are easily available for individual professionals and we do not consider applications that are embedded in (enterprise) processes.

1.2 Ethical considerations & the EU - AIA

As AI is embedded in more and more relevant (or even critical) processes, ethical consideration in the creation and use of AI become more relevant. For instance, AI tools should not discriminate (race, religion, ...), should not be biased (politics, brands, ...) and should not misinform. Some ethical considerations include:

  • Fairness: AI tools should not discriminate against people (race, gender, religion, ...).
  • Transparency: AI tools should be transparent about how they work and make decisions. It should be clear how (user) data is used.
  • Accountability: There should be a way to hold developers and users of AI tools responsible for any harm that the AI tool causes.
  • Privacy: AI tools should respect people's privacy.
  • Safety: AI tools should be safe to use.

The European Union is in the process of ratifying the Artificial Intelligence Act (AIA) which will have consequences for organizations applying AI in so-called 'critical' processes. More about this can be read at todo. For now, readers should be aware that the application of AI will be restricted by law in the future.

1.3 Further Study

This paper offers an overview of tools but doesn't offer much further understanding of AI. To this end, the paper will offer:

  • a reading list on the current state of AI research
  • a list of freely available online courses on AI
  • a list of other collections of AI tools and resources

An extensive curated list of resources can be found here

1.3.1 Brief Reading List on the Current State of AI

1.3.2 List of Online Courses on AI

2 Categorization


There is an overwhelming number of tools that offer more or less specific AI-based services. Just listing these tools seems pointless, but there is no generally accepted categorization. This paper offers a categorization, under the understanding that categories are subjective and that tools could be categorized in multiple ways. As a matter of fact, a few tools are listed below under more than one categories, because they are important instances in each category.

The main categories discussed below are:

  • Ideation: the process of innovating and developing ideas
  • Business: activities related to strategy, sales, marketing, and analysis
  • Communication: creating, organizing, and sharing information
  • Creation: generating audio, visual, and other multimedia content
  • Lifestyle: applications related to personal life and leisure
  • Implementation: turning designs and plans into completed solutions
  • Operations: managing systems, processes, and resources to enable operations

This listing shows a preference for tools that offer a free subscription tier, since this allows professionals to evaluate tools at their own pace. For this reason we tag tools (with $) which do not offer a free-tier subscription, although most do offer a free trial period. Note that this information may no longer be accurate for some tools. Most tools are accessible online, through a browser, but some tools are components used to create tools programmatically. Such tools are marked with 'DIY'.

3 The Tools

3.1 Ideation

In this category:

  • Chatbots
  • Orchestrating AI
  • Research
  • Search
  • Hubs

3.1.1 Chatbots

A chatbot is a conversational agent or dialogue system - a software application based on natural language processing (NLP) and large language models (LLMs) that is trained on very large numbers of texts. Chatbots are able to conduct coherent conversations, understand context and intent, answer questions based on their training data, complete partial thoughts, think out of the box, often providing novel responses, and be customized for specific use cases or workflows.

Tool Comments
ChatGPT(OpenAI) Platform:GPT-3.5/4
Claude(Anthropic) Platform:GPT-4
Bard(Google) Platform:LaMDA -- has internet access
ChatABC Platform:GPT -- extras: embedding, team
HuggingFace Platform:Llama2 -- also a repository of many AI tools
Pi Platform:Inflection
FastChat Platform:Llama2 DIY
Open source Llama Platform:Llama2 DIY
VertexAI (Google) Generative AI Studio
NoCodeMBA Paltform:GPT-3 / Dall-E 2

3.1.2 Orchestrating AI

Orchestrating AI (OAI), also called Auto-GPT's, refers to systems that coordinate and combine multiple AI agents to accomplish complex goals. An OAI decomposes high-level goals into sub-tasks, and invokes specialized AI tools or agents for each sub-task. The orchestrator combines the output from each AI agent to determine the next steps to achieve the overall goal. Key capabilities of orchestrated AI include understanding instructions, reasoning about sub-goals, selecting appropriate agents, monitoring progress, and integrating results.

Tool Comments
AIAgent autonomous AI Agents in browser
GodMode Agent which browses internet to fulfill goals
Cognosis Agent which browses internet to fulfill goals
Aomni Agent which browses internet to fulfill goals $
Nando Agent which browses internet to fulfill goals $
BabyYagi APIs to create, prioritize, and execute tasks DIY
AutoGPT Automating research & writing blogs with SEO DIY

3.1.3 Research

Tools like chatbots and digital assistants can answer questions and summarize findings. Brainstorming aids generate novel hypotheses and study ideas. Automated literature search helps surface relevant papers and fast-track reviews. Chat-with-paper applications allow discussing studies in natural language.

Tool Comments
Bard ChatBot has internet access
MyMap Brainstorm to presentation
IdeasAI Generates random ideas
ChatPDF chat with any PDF
Humata chat with any PDF
Doclime chat with any PDF
QuizGecko Quizzes from any content $
SciSpace=typeset ask questions about papers
Consensus ask question, get answer from research papers
Mindgrasp Summarize and answer questions on documents, PDF's, Videos, meeting recordings, etcetera
Elicit AI Research Assistant
Caktus Several research writing tools
Scite Assistant AI Research Assistant $ finding, cleaning, visualizing and transforming data
Paperpal Improve academic writing
Sourcely search article based on description
Research Faster Chart GPT finding, visualizing, and transforming data
Wizdom/ topic db
LearningStudioAI Course Creation
Fluent Learn languages
jane.biosemantics Journal finder
AuthorServices Journal finder
Journalfinder Journal finder
Web of Science Journal finder
journalsuggester Journal finder
Bison Open Access journal finder
JRNowl Medical Journal finder
journalguide Journal finder
FSTAJournalfinder Food & Health Journal finder

3.1.4 Search

AI is advancing search capabilities through natural language understanding, semantic analysis, and contextual recommendations. New search tools allow queries in plain text and interactively refine results. Underlying AI models identify query intent, extract key concepts, surface relevant information, and learn from feedback.

Tool Comments
You Search
Perplexity Search

3.1.5 Hubs

AI progresses, platforms are emerging to provide integrated access to a growing array of AI applications through a central interface.

Tool Comments
OpenAI OpenAI AI applications
Vondy content creation
HuggingFace Platform:Llama2 -- also a repository of many AI tools

3.2 Business

In this category:

  • Strategy
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Analysis

3.2.1 Strategy

AI assistants can generate strategic options, evaluate scenarios, and identify risks and opportunities.

Tool Comments
Rationale decision making

3.2.2 Marketing

AI is transforming marketing through customer segmentation, predictive modeling, personalized content, and optimized campaigns. Tools like Jasper provide an AI co-pilot.

Tool Comments
10Web name generator
NameSnack name generator
BrandMark Create Logo
Persona Develop user personas
Ad Creative Create text, insights and posts $
AdCopy High converting ads Launch, scale, and monetize your newsletter
MeetEdgar socials
TypeFace personalised content
WNR.AI super-prompts & avatars Linkedin Posts
Yaraa ads, emails, and what not

3.2.3 Sales

Intelligent sales assistants powered by natural language processing handle lead engagement, surface insights, recommend prompts, and accelerate deal closing.

Tool Comments
Orimon contextual sales conversations
Retention X Retention
Simplified integrated chatbot for sales & support

3.2.4 Analysis

Predictive analytics, optimization algorithms, and data visualization tools extract insights from business data to inform decisions on pricing, investments, resource allocation and more.

Tool Comments
Insight7 ChatGPT for customer feedback

3.3 Communication

In this category:

  • Storytelling
  • Writing
  • SEO
  • Presentations
  • Texting

3.3.1 Storytelling

AI storytelling tools can generate creative fiction, optimize narrative flow, and customize stories to engage audiences.

Tool Comments
Tome shaping & sharing ideas
Artflow Storytelling, Images, Video
Kickresume Auto resume
UpCat AI-guided Upwork proposals

3.3.2 Writing

Auto-writing tools powered by GPT-3 and other language models can draft, expand, refine, and reformat text. Capabilities span grammar correction to contextual continuation.

Tool Comments
HyperWrite Business research & writing
Cohesive write and edit fiction / non-fiction
DeepL Translation
Quillbot rewrite, fix text, grammar, tone and paraphrase
Compose AI generate any text using AI
Jenni AI AI writing assistant
Frase $
KoalaWriter $
Rephrasely Rephrases
rytr A better, 10x faster way to write
Notion Collaboration / note taking
Grammarly Writing Assistant
Longshot from idea to SEO-friendly blog
Saga Creative assistant
Neuroflash Text (& image)generator

3.3.3 SEO

AI can optimize web content for search engines through keyword analysis, semantic enrichment, site optimization, and automated report generation.

Tool Comments
NameWizard Name creation
Longshot AI create idea to a blog in minutes
10Web Wordpress
SEOmatic $
SeRanking SEO $
Optimizely web site optimizer website builder
ClosersCopy SEO optimized marketing copy
Wope SEO rank tracking

3.3.4 Presentations

Intelligent presentation tools help create slides, graphs, and visual aids; generate speaker notes; and improve narrative flow.

Tool Comments
Gamma Presentations amazing presentations in minutes
Visme Presentations, Documents, Data Visualization
beautiful Presentations, Documents, Data Visualization $
SlidesAI Slides
Slidebean Slides
Sendsteps Slides

3.3.5 Texting

Conversational agents automatically engage customers and users via text/SMS with flexible dialogs.


  • WA: Whatsapp
  • TG: Telegram
  • X: X (Twitter)
Tool Comments
TextGPT Chat or make images with Dall-E $
Yatter WA $
ChatGPTonTelegram TG $
TweetMonk Write & Schedule $
TweetHunter Write & Follow Up $
PostWise Write $
WhatsGPT AI messaging across all platforms
Lovelace Digital Communities

3.4 Creation

In this category:

  • Music
  • Design
  • Audio
  • AV
  • Video
  • AR/VR
  • Images
  • Photo

AI is transforming how we generate multimedia content across modalities. For music, AI tools can compose original melodies, continue partial songs, and suggest harmonies. In graphic design, AI assists with ideation, layouts, and augmenting creativity. For audio, speech and podcast generation tools deliver human-like voices with customizable tones. Video creation leverages AI for editing workflows, special effects, and even synthesizing imagery. 3D design tools expedite modeling and scene creation. And for images, AI generates original photos, artwork, and infographics based on prompts. Taken together, these AI-powered creation tools aim to enhance human creativity across the production pipeline - from ideation to composition, editing to refinement. While still requiring an artistic human touch, AI promises to radically expand access and accelerate creation.

3.4.1 Music

Tool Comments
Mubert Generative Music
Beatoven Generative Music
AIVA Generative Music
SoundDraw Generate & Customize music
Splash Text to music

3.4.2 Design

Tool Comments

3.4.3 Audio

Tool Comments
Supertone Singing, text2speech, lyrics transcription
Harmonai Generative audio tools
AVMapping Video/Images/Text to Music/SFX
Whisper speech to text transform voices in real-time
Vocol Voice to text
Audioread turn text or pdf into PodCast

3.4.4 Audio/Video

Tool Comments
Descript audio/video tools video from text for digital art, music videos & more

3.4.5 Video

Tool Comments
Heygen video generation from script with avatar
d-id create avatars, interactive from text generate video $ video from text for digital art, music videos & more
Steve AI create and edit (animated) $
Descript video podcast editor
Lumen5 video podcast editor text to video $ youtube/tiktok shorts
Eightify Youtube Summary
Genmo create and edit video or images from text
Morise AI help video to go viral $
WonderDynamics automatically animate, light and composes CG characters into a live-action scene. $
Kaiber Video generation from images or text descriptions.
Synthesia video generation
Runway Video editing
OpusPro Video to Clip
RaskAI translate videos and add voiceover
Elai AI presenter
Trimmr.AI youtube shorts
Kaiber : Video generation from images or text descriptions.
Synthesia video generation
Runway Video editing
OpusPro Video to Clip
RaskAI translate videos and add voiceover
Elai AI presenter
Genmo 3D Assets, animation, trailer generation, images
Klap Shorts

3.4.6 AR/VR

Tool Comments
Luma Labs AI Turns phone recordings into AR scenes. Only iOS

3.4.7 Images

Tool Comments
DALL-E Editing, extending
Midjourney Well documented, access thru Discord $
StableDiffusion Open Source, Embedded in e.g. DreamStudio (paid), Lexica (Free tier), or API access via e.g. Jupyter
OpenArt Image
DiffusionArt Image
StockImg.AI Image $
Nero Image enlarger/improver
Crayon Image

3.4.8 Photo

Tool Comments
PlaygroundAI Editing, extending
Leap Editing, extending $
BeFunky Editing, extending

3.5 Lifestyle

Tool Comments
AntherAI Your individual story

3.6 Implementation

In this category:

  • Automation
  • Tools
  • Integration
  • DIY
  • Gaming
  • Coding
  • NoCode
  • Text to Speech vv
  • Text to App/Site
  • Text to 3d world

Automation, Tools, Integration & DIY

AI is accelerating development and reducing manual effort across the software lifecycle. Intelligent assistants automate coding, testing, and deployment while generative design tools quickly ideate UIs and architectures. Seamless integration enables embedding AI capabilities into apps and workflows. Low-code platforms expand access for DIY creation without coding expertise.

Gaming, Coding, NoCode

Specialized AI game engines assist with 3D world building, character development, and narrative design to boost creative workflows. AI coding assistants expedite development by generating and improving source code. No-code AI tools allow building sophisticated apps through intuitive visual interfaces instead of traditional programming.

Text to Apps/Sites, 3D Worlds, Speech

AI is enabling translating text descriptions directly into software applications, 3D simulations, and other digital experiences. By understanding natural language prompts, AI can synthesize the desired interactions, gameplay, and media assets. Text-to-speech and speech-to-text capabilities also facilitate conversational interfaces.

3.6.1 Automation

Tool Comments
ContentBot AI Workflow Automation

3.6.2 Tools

Tool Comments
HuggingFace Platform:Llama2 -- repository of many AI tools DIY
Tools and Resources for AI Art
GptKit detect GPT
StealthGpt turn AI text in human-like text
AiSEO Undetectable AI text

3.6.3 Integration

Tool Comments an open-source alternative to things like GPT-3/4. Many models
Eesel Integrate ChatGPT with company knowledge
WonderChat Integrate ChatGPT with company knowledge $
Writesonic Chat, Image creator + Bot Builder $
Alicent Toolkit
Dante AI Chatbots trained on your data
SciSpace Copilot Chrome extension for SciSpace
Monica Bard/CGPT/Claude Extension in other tools (e.g. browsers $ browser extension: simplify complex information, read efficiently

3.6.4 Gaming

Tool Comments
LeonardoAI Game Assets

3.6.5 Coding

Tool Comments
Debug Code Learn coding
Codeium Coding toolkit
Tabnine Assistant for coders
Copilot Coding Buddy
Toolkit AI text to AI plugins DIY
Codex Open AI text to code
Ghostwriter Partner in code
Backendless Backend Management
BuildAI $
Snyk find & fix vulnerabilities
TabNine coding
Codium buddy
Brancher/ AI app builder
AskCodi/ syntax

3.6.6 NoCode tools

Tool Comments
Imagica AI Builds AI apps create and share professional designs
Uizard Make UI mockups from sketch
ToolBuilder AI web tool builder
Adalo Ease of use
Softr NoCode building blocks
Bubble No Code web app
Mixo launch startup $

3.6.7 Text to Speech vv

Tool Comments Text to speech Text to speech
Assembly speech recognition-app. Pay per use /
Lovo AI Voices
Wondercraft Podcasts

3.6.8 Text to 3d world

Tool Comments
Opus.AI virtual world from description ?
Blockade Labs create a 360* image of a world based on description
Unakin Go from chat to video game in <1 minute
Spline 3d objects
Leonardo Visual assets

3.6.9 Text to App/Website

Tool Comments App builder $ website in minutes Content generator
NameWizard Create name
Longshot AI create idea to a blog in minutes
10Web Wordpress
Microsoft Designer Design
Uncody Landing pages
Durable build a site in seconds
Reetail AI create online store in < 1 minute
VondyInc content creation

3.7 Operations

In this category:

  • Office
  • Spreadsheet
  • BrowserExtension
  • Task

AI is optimizing workflows and unlocking productivity gains across core business operations. Intelligent office software can generate documents, emails, and presentations while offering conversational support. Smart spreadsheets analyze data, create models, and generate insights. Browser extensions add a layer of AI to automate online workflows. Digital assistants manage schedules, track tasks, and ensure follow-through on responsibilities. Taken together, these AI-powered operations tools aim to save time on repetitive work, ensure consistency, reduce human error, and augment individual productivity. By weaving AI capabilities into core daily tools, businesses can increase efficiency, free up strategic thinking, and enable employees to focus on high-value priorities.

3.7.1 Office

Tool Comments
FinalScout find email addresses and send emails
Instantly cold email $
FoxyApps leads
TLDV Google Meet / Zoom meeting note taker
Otter notes from audio meeting
AudioPen Unstructured voice notes to summary $
Vribble/ Unstructured voice notes to summary
VimCal Calendar app

3.7.2 Task

Tool Comments
Taskade Task Management $

3.7.3 Browser Extensions

Tool Comments
ChatGptWriter Chrome extension
ChatGptSider Chrome/Edge extension
ComposeAI Chrome autocomplete extension
AI Prompt Genius Helps with prompts
Voila Firefox ChatGPT extension
WiseOne Chrome summary/query extension
SnackPrompt Prompt Database, also extension

3.7.4 Spreadsheet

Tool Comments
SheetAI Text to Speadsheet
GptExcel Excel formula generator

4 Closing Remarks

This paper has aimed to provide a broad landscape overview of the burgeoning field of AI tools and applications for professionals. While certainly not comprehensive given the vast scope and rapid pace of advancement, we have sought to highlight some of the key capabilities and offerings across categories like ideation, business, communication, creation, implementation, and operations.

The tools listed only scratch the surface of what is available, but hopefully provide a useful sampling for readers to understand the state of the art and explore further. As noted, many of the tool descriptions were AI-generated, illustrating how systems like Claude (Anthropic) can rapidly synthesize and summarize information once provided appropriate source context.

Looking ahead, we can expect the democratization and proliferation of AI to continue apace. Advancements in core techniques like large language models, computer vision, and multi-agent coordination will unlock new possibilities. Meanwhile, startups and incumbents will continue packaging these innovations into products targeting every industry and profession.

However, careful thought must be given to the ethical application of these powerful technologies. AI must be directed towards augmenting human intelligence rather than replacing it. Auditing processes, ensuring transparency, and embedding ethics are critical. Still, if developed responsibly, AI tools have immense potential to empower professionals, expand creativity, increase productivity, and help solve global challenges. We are only beginning to glimpse the beneficial synergies between human and artificial intelligence.

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