Our AI consultancy service is designed to support organizations with the insights and guidance they need to apply AI in their business processes in a legal and responsible manner. Whether you are considering incorporating AI for the first time or seeking answers to specific questions regarding your existing AI practices, we are here to assist you.

We offer a range of consultative services that cater to organizations at different stages of their AI journey. Here are three examples of what we can provide:

  1. AI Act Preparedness: With the AI Act on the horizon, it is crucial for organizations to understand the implications and ensure compliance. We will help you assess if the AI Act is relevant for your specific context and how you can prepare for this legislation. Our expertise in the AI Act enables us to assist you in developing strategies for compliance and accountability.

  2. AI Application Assessment: Determining which AI tools and technologies are suitable for your organization can be a daunting task. We can evaluate the potential applications of AI within your business processes. Besides ChatGPT, many more useful AI tools exist for different situations. The application can involve using existing AI's responsible or creating a custom AI. We provide recommendations tailored to your organization's unique needs, considering factors such as feasibility, impact, and ethical considerations.

  3. Bias Risk Assessment: Unconscious bias is a critical concern when deploying AI systems. Our consultancy service can focus on an examination of potential bias risks in your organization's AI practices. We will understand your data collection and labeling processes, helping you create a balanced dataset and implementing strategies to minimize bias risks. Focusing on ensuring fairness, transparency, and accountability in your AI systems.

Our commitment is to empower organizations to adopt AI responsibly, ensuring that risks are identified and mitigated, and ethical considerations are given a top priority. Let us help you unlock the potential of AI while maintaining a legal, responsible, and socially conscious approach.

Contact us today to schedule a free consult to examine what we can provide for your organization.

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