We find it important to equip individuals within organizations with the knowledge and awareness necessary to effectively and responsibly utilize AI. Our AI training service is designed to empower your teams, ensuring they are well-informed about the risks and possibilities associated with AI adoption. We offer tailored training programs that cater to your organization's specific needs and objectives.

Here are some examples of the training programs we can offer:

  1. Responsible Use of ChatGPT: We provide specialized training on how to responsibly and effectively leverage ChatGPT within an organization. This training both teaches how to use ChatGPT effectively, through prompt engineering. But it also makes the trainee aware of the limitations and risks of using ChatGPT and how to deal with these risks. This ensures that people in your organization are confident when using ChatGPT and can create high quality output which upholds the vibe and values of your organization. To give an idea, we currently have a training on using ChatGPT in journalism and for communication and marketing material. But we can customize trainings to fit your specific needs.

  2. AI Act Compliance: It is crucial for relevant personnel within your organization to be aware of the proposed AI Act legislation's content and implications. Our training provides a comprehensive breakdown of the AI Act, communicating its requirements, potential bottlenecks, and necessary measures for compliance. We can ensure that your team knows what the AI Act entails and what changes must be made to comply with the act.

  3. Data and Model Bias Prevention: Addressing bias in AI is of utmost importance to limit societal risks. Our training can focus on educating your team about the risks and challenges associated with bias in data and models. We can provide strategies for identifying and mitigating bias risks, ensuring that your AI systems are fair, inclusive, and unbiased. This training promotes awareness and empowers your employees to contribute to responsible AI implementation.

We firmly believe that training employees plays a pivotal role in creating a culture of AI awareness and responsible usage within organizations. We tailor our training programs to your specific requirements, considering your industry, objectives, and existing knowledge base. Book a consultation with us, to discuss how training can help your organization.

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