Channel Roadmap

We offer an architectural view on customer channels. We are limited to communication directly or indirectly with customers, and do not consider communication with suppliers, other partners except resellers, government agencies, our employees (for instance in HR processes) etcetera. We produce an Application Architecture Roadmap, but in order to do so a context must be sketched which also touches upon – using terms of The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) – Business Architecture, Information Architecture and Technical Architecture. Included are not only applications, but also business processes, mechanisms, and systems.

Customer Life Cycle and the relation to eTom

Since our scope is direct or indirect customer interaction, an accessible overview of that interaction is in order. In this figure we sketch a number of processes playing a part in the customer interaction life cycle.


The life cycle travels from queries by interested customers through common fulfillment, assurance and billing processes to termination of services and perhaps even our relationship. In this figure the business owner of processes has been indicated. Processes above the line are owned and executed by the commercial cluster; below the line by the technology cluster. Also, in color, the initiating actor in each process has been indicated: customer, our Company or one of our systems.

It is perhaps relevant to view these processes in their context in the eTom (TMForum FrameWorkx) model, shown in this figure.


Based on this overview a number of analyses can be made. One is of the top-level data entities one is likely to encounter in this processes. This pertains to information analysis.   Screenshot

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